Bygone Fashion Photography: Tom Palumbo

I'm captivated by the beautiful photography of Tom Palumbo. Born in Italy in 1921, Palumbo was highly recognized for his photography for Vogue & Harper's Bazaar in the 1950's and 60's.

Tom Palumbo in the early years...

I love his black and white photography...Evening Gowns, Bazaar

One of my favorite photos of the great model, Anne St. Marie in San Francisco, 1964 (Palumbo was married to Anne St. Marie at the time the shots were taken)

An outtake for Bazaar, mid 1950's. "Velvet jacket. Velvet shoes."

Bazaar outtake, July 1958. Great colors...

Harper's Bazaar, 1956/57. "Perfect for Sailing"

Outtake for Vogue...fabulous!

Outtake for Sak's Fifth Avenue...

The Lady and her Butlers...

Outtake for Bazaar...

Anne St. Marie, outtake for Vogue, circa 1960

Palumbo died in 2008. Prior to that he set up his own Flickr gallery. In over 100 fashion photographs, you can peruse outtakes from professional magazine assignments. They are all organized in separate galleries. Extraordinary! He even gives descriptions of the photos, and includes his early and later work. You can view them here. Someone needs to publish a book on this man's work!

Photos from here


Caroline said…
Absolutely stunning.
ana said…
I love all of them!
Great photographer and post!
Noel Solomon said…
WOW - What great photos!! Those gowns are so pretty. If only we could play in the sets for a day. Thank you for sharing this talented photographer! Enjoyed every bit! xoxox Noel
Di Overton said…
I'm not sure if it was the film they used or the lighting but digital just doesn't seem to achieve the same effect
a. said…
Gorgeous photos!
FrenchBlue said…
Uh uh Uh!!! Is that you and me in the third picture down??
Beautiful post!
Barb said…

Those photo's could have been shot today. Beautiful. You always have the best posts.

amazing! pretty! lovely!
Anonymous said…
What a gift! Thank you as always for the divine inspiration, Lynn.
And is it me or does the gorgeous model in the long polkadot pencil skirt look like L. Evangalista?
Classic. Chic. Gorgeous!

"Yours Truly"
Sandy M.
Anonymous said…
Sandy, it was my first thought, too! I was surprised to read the caption.

Thank you, Lynn, what a great artist.
I agree! I thought it looked like Linda Evangelista too!
Design Cracker said…
I really love your highlighting his work. So full of wonder and beauty. I've been collecting vintage Vogue and others for about 15 years. Tom Palumbo's are some of my favorites. Walde Huth are also my faves. Thanks.
Design Cracker said…
Gorgeous post! I have been collecting vintage, vogue, his and Walde Huth's images for about 15 years. There is nothing like them. I love all things Paris and your blog is one of those. Thanks
Anonymous said…
Thank you for sharing this information~~his talent is beyond words. . .I love blogging for this sort of inspiration~~thank you , thank you, thank you!!


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