Thank You Bloggers!

Special thanks to these lovely bloggers that mentioned my blog and shop. You gals make this job worthwhile and I so appreciate your comments!

Thank you so much to Beth at Beth's Take on Life, for the Best Blog Award. What an honor! I feel like this is the blog Oscars!

Hallie at The Glam Lamb, who so nicely posted about Paris Hotel Boutique's items. The Glam Lamb covers everything from interior design to antiquing. You can check her blog out here.

Charmaine at Beautiful Things to Share, who also posted some of her favorite items at Paris Hotel Boutique. Charmaine's blog has the most gorgeous eye candy! She definitely has beautiful things to share! Visit her blog here.

One of my longtime blogging buddies, Lizzie at Design Watcher, for the nice book mention. I've been meaning to post about Lizzie's blog for a long time and will get to more details soon!

Toma, The Antiques Diva, who lives in Germany and shares her wonderful stories with us. Thanks Toma for mentioning PHB's blog! You are always so kind and your blog is fab!

Stephanie at Bonjour Madame, who recently won a prize in our etiquette contest. Thanks Stephanie for sharing the photos with us. Stephanie is interested in all things French and has a wonderful blog!

And last, but not least, the lovely Anna at the popular, Absolutely Beautiful Things, who posted about a lady portrait on Paris Hotel Boutique...

... one of her readers purchased it that day. Thanks Anna and thanks to all of you that were so kind enough to mention Paris Hotel Boutique!

top image: Dior Paris, 1957


charmaine said…
hello Lynn! it was my pleasure to post about your beautiful boutique! i am truly a big fan of your store. you always have the most beautiful items. thank you so much for your compliment, i really do appreciate it.

God Bless,
Unknown said…
Congrats on the Best Blog award~ I agree wholeheartedly!! so well deserved! you give myself and others so much to read and look at!
Stephanie said…
Thank you Lynn! I'm so glad I found your boutique. Everything is so beautiful!

FrenchBlue said…
Congratulations on Everything!! You have the BEST blog and you have the BEST boutique!! Uh Uh Uh!! AND don't forget...
Thank you so much! I'm getting embarrassed now...
Anonymous said…
Your blog and shop are amazing!
Lisa & Alfie said…
Hey Lynn,
I met Hallie(The Glam Lamb) on her business trip here a few weeks back and she is a little doll.
There is no question why everyone is crazy about your blog. I know I am!
Lisa & Alfie (who gives a big shout out to Vito)

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