Have a Sweet Weekend!

Today I discovered these yummy macaroons from Paulette in San Francisco (located in Beverly Hills too.) They carry a dozen flavors from lemon, caramel pecan, Colombian to Madagascar vanilla, Sicilian pistachio, and sweet wedding almond. And the packaging is so cute!

Paulette is an inspired collaboration between Paulette Koumetz, who has a passion for the celebrated Parisian macaron, and French pastry chef extraordinaire Christophe Michalak, winner of the 2005 Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie, with his passion for reinventing the classics.

Located at 437 Hayes St, San Francisco or order online here...


Anonymous said…
& I bet they're as yummy as they look :)
Have a lovely weekend.
Unknown said…
Yummy! This has been a week of macarons for me and I LOVE it!!! This image is so delicate and pretty. I am off to check out the web site and order some deliciousness! Thanks Lynn! Happy May and have a great weekend.
Berlin: they are yummy...I had to taste one!

Judith: There is one in Beverly Hills...you should go in person!
vicki archer said…
Scrumptious...I could eat one just now thank you, xv.
Anonymous said…
May I suggest that you try those ones ;) I like the one made with foie gras...huummmm


Nathalie (a French woman)
ana said…
They look delicious!
happy weekend!
mina said…
found your blog today - i am thoroughly enjoying it! esp. this post... i haven't had macarons in awhile, and these look lovely and now i would kill for one...i can't get them here :(

here's where i tried them first: http://sendingpostcards.wordpress.com/2009/03/14/salons-de-the/

if you get the chance to ever go there, you must!

again, thanks for the great site!
Kirsten Steen said…
I haven't seen macarons where I am in the Pacific NW yet either. Must get to SF or Paris soon!
Thanks for the Pink Purties!

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