Yes or No?

This vintage piece of Samsonite luggage turned into a chair has been getting quite a lot of attention on Pinterest.

South African Katie Thompson recycles vintage items and repurposes them into new pieces.

What do you think?

images: Recreate


Concrete Jungle said…
Makes me smile so YES!
Very Creative, I love them!!!!
:) said…
Love it :) So cute!
I like them. They are cute in a funky way.
Jacqueline said…
I'm on the cusp somewhat with these but could definitely find a home for the first and the last one. Pretty cool. XXXX
I always appreciate repurposed items. Hmmm...I am suddenly imagining using the bottom half of a round vintage suitcase and adding a tufted pink satin top with lucite legs...I would take one of those!
so cute, I love them!
Villa Anna said…
I totally love them. A very cute conversation piece.

Anna :)
Kellie Collis said…
A big fat yes!!!! Kellie xx
Melissa Iren said…
Love IT!
Melissa Iren said…
Love it
Definitely, definitely love, especially the purple (though I love the Tiffany Blue too!). This is a fabulous blog, not sure how I've missed you! So happy to find you and happy to be your newest follower!
those are fantastic- what a great idea! love the brown suitcase chair best!

Me! said…
I was awfully curious to know the consensus! They are very whimsical and could be difficult to fit into a decorating scheme . . . but my personal preference is for a little whimsy in each room, anyway . . . a little lightheartedness keeps one from taking themselves so seriously, don't you think? I certainly wish one of them lived with me! I'll take the blue one, sil vous plait. :)
Thea said…
Very cool! Reminds me of something I'd see at Anthropologie.

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