Bon Appetit!

You must check out this fabulous website that I found via Di at Designer's Block (Di always finds such interesting things...)

Petrelle, a restaurant in France, has re-created the sights and sounds of their restaurant via their virtual website. Listen to the chef talking, the phone ringing, wine pouring, the cutlery & dishes clinking & clanking, slicing & dicing. And it seems to go on for awhile as if they just kept the audio going. Very atmospheric and some striking images.

Well don't dilly dally here. Go and check out Petrelle's site here. So much fun! And thanks Di for the 'head's up!'


Cashon&Co said…
Wow. That is a TRUE feast for the senses!
Di Overton said…
Hello at last. Summer has flown by (if you could call it that)but I do visit you often just haven't had time to stop and talk. Hope all is well with you.
Thanks for the mention. I could sit and listen to that all day.
Have you received the parcel yet?

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