The Paris Apartment Visits San Francisco

Yesterday was a whirlwind day with Miss Claudia from The Paris Apartment. With a 4:30 am early rise, I picked up Claudia at 5:30 to hit the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. Nine hours of fun, laughter, bitter cold and photos GALORE!

We even hit a couple of auction houses. Needless to say, my feet ache, but worth the treasures we found. Claudia will be posting some photos on her blog (she is an amazing photographer.) Can't wait to see Alameda through her eyes...

Back to work...but wait, isn't hauling pieces from the flea market considered work?

Wishing you all a great week ahead!


Nita Stacy said…
What a silly picture of Claudia! Can't wait to see photos of the treasures you found.
vicki archer said…
Sounds like you and Claudia had so much fun...and found a fab thing or two I suspect...xv
A day at the flea with Claudia sounds like a fabulous time! Love the improv photo shoot with the pink and turquoise dress!

Have a great week and don't work to hard!
Looks as if you had fun (and worked very hard, of course !!). I love the photos of Claudia with the pink dress. She was obviously researching the finer points of the dress !! XXXX
lisa golightly said…
So happy to see you 2 together ... so wanted to wander and discover with you guys !
Anonymous said…
I love doing stuff like this! Wish I'd been there :-) Bitter cold? In August?? ::sigh:: If only... I am in Florida and it is HOT.
red ticking said…
ooooohhh how fun... i love alameda and with claudia it would be even more so... rain, snow..... who cares... it is what we love!!!!

and i love your blog... xoxo

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