Thank You + Happy Weekend!

A big thank you to the tremendous readers at House of Turquoise for the huge response to our giveaway. I'm truly humbled by the beautiful comments about Paris Hotel Boutique. It was so much fun reading what your favorite pieces are!

AND, thank you to the PHB readers who entered the giveaway as well! Hope you enjoyed the wonderful blog of Erin and the House of Turquoise. The winner has been announced...Julie Susann. Julie, congrats!

Thank you to Shilo at Yikes Machine for doing her sleuth work in "find the photo" and introducing me to the beautiful photography of Jamie Beck. More to follow about Jamie!

Thanks to all of you for your constant support via comments, emails and more. You keep me smiling. It's so nice to have met you via the vast internet! You are the best and you keep me "keepin' on!"

Have a fabulous weekend!

image credits; deline, Marianne; pinterest, sweet peas and snapshots


Kellie Collis said…
Thanks for coming by this week! Sadly i missed the giveaway... NExt time round :) xx Hope you are enjoying a beautiful weekend! x
I am sorry to say I missed it! Been so busy here just getting back into the groove.... Sounds like your givaway was a success!!!!Love that first Merci Picture!!!!!Maryanne:)

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