Happy Monday + Giveaway!

Happy Monday everyone!

Have you ever visited the House of Turquoise blog? Erin is obsessed with the color turquoise and started her blog filled with inspirational images of fabulous rooms, accessories... you name it, to share her love of her favorite color.

I'm thrilled to have known Erin for quite a long time (I'm a big fan), and even more excited to announce this giveaway.

Here is a chance to win a custom turquoise Breakfast at Tiffany's decoupage tray from Paris Hotel Boutique at House of Turquoise!

To enter this giveaway, simply visit House of Turquoise here and leave a comment.

Bonne Chance!

first image: bhs via House of Turquoise; second image; Paris Hotel Boutique



I have now been looking around in your blog. I have never been here before.. it was fun to see the colorful pictures here today!

Smile from Norway - Liv ;O)
Just entered... thanks!


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