Inspiring Images...turquoise

Fortnum & Mason logo, London - Gaetan Lee

Guess what I've been up to on my day off? Pinning images, of course! Does that count as a day off?

Here are some favorite turquoise images I've come across...

rotary phone - splityarn

Mrs. French

Marshall Field's, Chicago Great Clock, StGrundy



ChampagneMaker said…
I LOVE the paint brushes!!! Hope you didn't mind a little re-blogging on that one. Big Color Crush!
Anonymous said…
bright summer fun. like it.
Unknown said…
i love the found some amazing pictures! what a gorgeous post!
xox alison
24 Corners said…
A dear fellow blogger "Fringe" does a Turquoise Tuesday post every, well...Tuesday, and I must send her over here...she'll love it!
The images are the F & M one...I could frame that!

xo J~
Andi said…
Absolutely gorgeous...stunning photos! I did not realize how much I like turquoise!
La Dolfina said…
Hi Lynn,
I guess we both have turquoise on the brain! The info I have on it is,
I would love any advice you have on crediting photos. I struggle because I mostly use my own photos but then I see some I like and put them into folders and I can't retrieve the info on who to credit them to. Any help you have for this newbie would be greatly appreciated!!
Gorgeous post by the way :)
What a fantastic collection!!! These are such beautiful images!
Unknown said…
Amazing how a creative eye can find beauty in things that others might consider junk. Awesome photos!
Jonny J Petros said…
Love all your aqua pictures it is such a gorgeous color!The F&M one is my favorite! Have a beautiful day !Sincerely,Jonny

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