Thursday, August 26, 2010

Find the Photo!

It's that time again to play "find the photo"!

This lovely image of a pink and gold French chair has been floating around Tumblr with no photo credit. Gosh, I would love to put it in my house. Isn't it divine?

Anyone want to take a shot?


In less than 12 hours!

Thanks to Shilo at Yikes Machine, this amazing photo is by Jamie Beck via her beautiful blog, From Me To You.

I love this game!


a. said...

One of my most favorite if not favorite color combos! The chair is wonderful...

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

It is divine, really divine.............but no shots. But I bet whoever took it has lots and lots of wonderful photos. Good luck! XO

Shilo said...

Photo by Jamie Beck.

I am the credit-locating master. Well, maybe not the master, but I'm pretty good.

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

YOU ROCK SHILO! I'm going to search right now!!!!

Shilo said...

la la Lovely said...

Oh I love this photo... so gorgeous!!!
Happy weekend!
x T