Find the Photo!

It's that time again to play "find the photo"!

This lovely image of a pink and gold French chair has been floating around Tumblr with no photo credit. Gosh, I would love to put it in my house. Isn't it divine?

Anyone want to take a shot?


In less than 12 hours!

Thanks to Shilo at Yikes Machine, this amazing photo is by Jamie Beck via her beautiful blog, From Me To You.

I love this game!


a. said…
One of my most favorite if not favorite color combos! The chair is wonderful...
It is divine, really divine.............but no shots. But I bet whoever took it has lots and lots of wonderful photos. Good luck! XO
Shilo said…
Photo by Jamie Beck.

I am the credit-locating master. Well, maybe not the master, but I'm pretty good.
YOU ROCK SHILO! I'm going to search right now!!!!
Shilo said…
la la Lovely said…
Oh I love this photo... so gorgeous!!!
Happy weekend!
x T

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