The Grand Tome -- Goyard

Goyard, the luxurious Parisian luggage maker founded in 1853, is coming out with a limited edition book celebrating its history, and I am drooling....(sigh)

Each of the 233 numbered and limited edition books will be locked in a trunk almost entirely customizable.

Continuing the heritage of the prestigious collections from the 1920s, this extremely limited edition publication "resonates with and celebrates the golden age of luxury travel, from horse-drawn carriages to the great transatlantic ocean liners."

This magnificent art book uses traditional letterpress techniques for the text, features its own watermarks and is printed upon custom made vellum paper à la forme of Arches Mills.

From the New York Times-- "As the pages turn, with their deep-grain photographs and written passages, some are blank, except for subtle intaglio plate marks. In their natural whiteness, produced with a 500-year-old technique of hemp lightened with the petals of a desert flower, the hand-cut pages resonate with craftsmanship."

The Goyard Book features more than 200 pages featuring photographs and descriptions of all the greatest achievements by Goyard since starting in 1792.

This book took almost a decade to put together.

The book comes in a specially designed Goyard trunk available to order in any of Goyard’s standard colors.

This "work of art" retails for €6,000, and sale is by appointment only.

Now that's not too much to ask for, is it?

photo credits: Goyard


It is magnificent! I actually don't think it is too much when presented this way (not that I can afford it) but what a gift it would be for someone who has everything. You just find the best things Lynn and I know I keep repeating that. Much love XO
vicki archer said…
I think I will have to stick to a handbag Lynn!! xv
Unknown said…
how fun seeing something so exceptionally extravagant! Goyard knows how to do luxury.
xox alison
My Owl Barn said…
This is beyond amazing and representation of ultimate luxury!
Anonymous said…
Wow, that is a work of art.

and thanks for the pintrest invite!
FrenchBlue said…
Very very special missy!
Thanks for my box full of my favorites! I LOVE MY CARD AND WHAT YOU WROTE!
Busy all day lond worked until 10 p.m.!!

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