Personal Assistant Needed for Paris Hotel Boutique...

Anyone with a creative flair looking to work in a fast-paced environment? We're looking for a personal assistant to assist with a variety of duties from packing and shipping to administrative work.

This is a permanent home-based position with part-time hours --located in San Francisco. Please contact me with your email address for additional information regarding the position. Valid driver's license required.

Will try our best to follow-up with those who best meet the criteria!

Thank you!

image: Corbis Images


Rose said…
Oh, darn my luck for not living in San Fran!!
What an amazing opportunity for someone.
larajanepark said…
I'd be very interested in speaking with you about this position... Please contact me and I'll send you a resume!
Hi Lynn,
Well, I have all the quaifications....just a shame that I live in the U.K. !!!! hehe.
Thanks for your lovely comment. Italy was wonderful but, I'm always glad to get home. XXXX

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