Are You Related?

Sometimes I feel badly when I stumble upon boxes of old family photos that no one seemed to care about saving. But then again, there are folks that collect these "found images" and these "nameless" people get an instant family.

Here are some found images that made me chuckle...{sad, but one day someone will be chuckling at my photo!}

so excited...

prom date.

hot date.

fondue party.

four eyes.

married to the mob.

extreme makeover.

color coordinated.

rockin' van.

image credits: 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 9. superbomba 5. Helen Ireland 8. stomach aches 1o. Miss Moss


lisa golightly said…
OH Lynn ... You've got me laughing all the way down to my toes !!! Thank you for sharing these. I will be coming back again to laugh more !
Nancy's Notes said…
Those are great and yes, I did get a good chuckle! Fun post!
I also love found photo's. these were great! :o}

anna k. said…
Oh, Lord! I wanna hang them all on my wall!
Unknown said…
When I see photos like this, I am always surprised the human race did not die out in the 70's!

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