The Goats are Here!

Just like a holiday, I look forward to our once or twice a year visit of goats. That's right...goats in the City.

The folks at Goats R Us provide a truly natural weeding service on overgrown lots citywide. Numerous goats are transported from neighborhood-to-neighborhood in San Francisco to eat unwanted plants. There is another company, City Grazing that is part of this environmental movement as well.

Vito and I took a little walk to see the goats. Do you know how funny it is to see a bunch of goats on a neighborhood block in the City? They are fenced in, so it was a little difficult to get close-ups.

Urban farming at its finest.

Aren't they cute?


24 Corners said…
Oh how we need these guys to come and visit us...our lot is in desperate need of some goats, they could happily feed here for quite a while I think!

LOVED your beach pictures, and Vito is adorable!

Happy finally summer...
My goodness.......what a great idea. And it did make me smile this morning. Great photos too Lynn. Much love XO
Barb said…
I love the idea. I'm sure people thought they were seeing things-hehe.

Have a wonderful day.
katiedid said…
What a great service! And you got some great shots of these cute lawn mowers!
Thea said…
They do this in Denver too, but in the sprawling parks rather than in city lots. I love that time of year too, they are such sweet fun characters to watch. I hope more cities start this program. It really is a bonus that it's such a delight to the people. Fun post!

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