Some Fab Finds...

Saturday was another whirlwind day with Claudia. An early start at the Clars Auction house, then hitting the shops in the North Bay. It was wonderful to see some sun! And little Vito got to spend the day with the girls too!

LOVE these groovy 1960's 'Hermes Orange' chairs that I purchased. I even found a matching orange hat in an I. Magnin hatbox!

And this large oil on board "Missionary Recruits boarding the Empress of Missions, 1926" that I won at auction. It has a real "folk art" feeling to it.

Check out Claudia's blog for more photos (coming soon) from Saturday's shopping spree! I'll sure miss her when she goes back to Miami (:

Bye Bye Miss C. Have a great trip back!


Those chairs ARE Groovy.............but I am going to need to see the Magnin box. XO
I just wanted to let you know I passed the Sunshine Blog Award on to you! Congratulations :) You have such a lovely blog... and great finds too! comments aren't publishing...
La Dolfina said…
Hi Lynn,
I'm interested in that painting if you're going to be selling it! Email me and let's talk :)
FrenchBlue said…
LOVE the orange chairs AND the oil right now not later! BUT I Love Miss Claudia & You more though:)
I just wanted to let you know that I just passed the on Sunshine Blog Award to you! Congratulations :)
Cashon&Co said…
Are these goodies you'll be selling because they're fantastic!

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