Bloggers & Friends...

Wish we could have one big global get together!

Have a fun-filled weekend!

image: Pedro Szekely


La Dolfina said…
Oh me too. Love the image Lynn!
Happy weekend to you too.
Exactly!!!..............and all wear pink. Great photo.XO
Cathi said…
Happy weekend to you too, Lynn! I was just in your gorgeous city last weekend and had a fabulous time! xxoo :)
Nita Stacy said… that photo!
Anonymous said…
I think that sounds like a jolly grand idea! Could we? Some how co-ordinate it? and how much Champagne would we have to order in? hmmm......

Big blog hugs, Sadie xxx
Okay Lynn ~ I think it is high time that some of us take the big initiative to arrange a blogger / friend meet-up! Giddy just thinking about ALL of my favorites together at ONE TIME!

Loved meeting Claudia yesterday, and I hope to meet you soon too!

Have a lovely weekend (perhaps we can thaw out at some point this summer!).

Oh Lynn,
Wouldn't that be just great...... but, I don't have anything pink to wear !! XXXX

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