Ethereal Eye Candy.

Happy Ever After~
Is this what Cinderella saw through her eyes?

That is the title of this stunning blog post by Jamie Beck, From Me to You.

I was elated to discover Jamie via fellow blogger Shilo while searching photo credit for that lovely pink chair image that I recently posted. Funny thing is that I had swoon over Jamie's blog before, but just assumed that the photos were random images taken from the internet. But no, the entire blog is Jamie's brilliant photography.

Jamie resides in New York City, collects vintage cameras and typewriters, and shares her beautiful photography with us. These images are of Jamie daydreaming among the French rooms that inspired her at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Stunning, don't you agree?

For more amazing eye-candy, be sure and visit Jamie's blog From Me to You here.

image credits: Jamie Beck


Such an exquisite find of talent Lynn! I went over and said hello and look forward to seeing more of this wonderful talent. Much love XO
ChampagneMaker said…
Beautiful! I have followed her on Tumblr for awhile! I always want to live in her photographs! I love how moody they are! Ethereal is a perfect "in a word" description! xov cm
Anonymous said…
How completely gorgeous - thank you so much for sharing...
My Grama's Soul said…
All I can say is ......OH MY...gasp...just lovely!

From Me To You said…
Oh my gosh, you are too sweet!! How wonderful it looks to see my images under your Paris hotel banner! This made my day, thank you so much for sharing my work with your readers!
FrenchBlue said…
Jamie is amazing! Her photographs are beautiful! I am off to see her blog now not later. Uh!

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