Our First Day of Summer.

Yesterday Vito and I celebrated our first day of summer in our usual celebratory fashion --at the beach.

Most of you have heard me whining since June. It's usually bitter cold in San Francisco during the traditional summer months, and then we heat up during "Indian Summer" in September and October. Not yesterday. After weeks of heavy fog, gray days and blistering windy cold nights, we are having our first mini-heat wave.

I played hooky and Vito and I went to our usual place of celebration, Crissy Field Beach. No matter what I'm in the middle of, when that sun decides to made an appearance in San Francisco, I drop everything and I'm off to the beach!

Crissy Field Beach is along the Bay shore and the perfect place for family outings, bike rides, sailboarding, wading and shoreline strolls.

So many cute little kids and lots of doggies!

There are magnificent views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito and Alcatraz...

Little Vito loves riding the waves...

Of course I had to throw in one of these "feet" shots since I've never taken one before. Especially with Golden Gate in the background. Forgive the long-overdue pedicure. And if for some reason you're looking closely at my feet...it's sand...

The City was so bright and clear that I couldn't resist taking photos of the Palace of Fine Arts on the ride home.

Ahhh....what a glorious day it was. Little things like wearing sandals makes me sooo happy!

Thanks for letting me share my day, as I've been so envious of everyone's "summer fun" as I've been *sigh* sulking in the fog.

But, I'm not getting too excited yet...fog is supposed to be rolling back toward the end of the week, so brace yourself for more whining!



FrenchBlue said…
UH!!!! I think one of those Vito pictures can be your Christmas & Chanuka card this year! Adorable EeeeeeCeeeeeeBeeeee!!!!!
Love the toes, still....
La Dolfina said…
OMG Lynn, I'm dying over here!
No one in Alameda has air conditioning or pools or at least not anyone I know. I need some relief.
I'm thinking, Be careful what you wish for at this point.
I hate to say it, but, I hope you're right about the fog rolling in soon.
That beach looks so wonderful..., what a view!!

Maya @ Completely Coastal
Cathi said…
Enjoy, sounds like a fab day!

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